Students preparing to embark on a late night ride in 2007, courtesy of a Bwogger.

Tonight’s installment of the Closing Remarks Senior Lecture Series features Columbia’s favorite educator to take bike rides with, Professor Kenneth Jackson. For those who are unfamiliar, Jackson has edited two volumes of a New York City encyclopedia, and teaches a class called History of the City of New York (which you should take before you die-we-mean-graduate!). As part of the class, he accompanies hundreds of students on an all-night bike ride through the city.

The lecture will take place at 6:45pm in Lerner C555. Free pizza will be present.

Bonus free food event: Just before the KJ lecture, stop by John Jay lounge at 6:30 for Westside catering and a talk about superbugs! (Super-what? You had us at Westside.)