Actually, this isn't the Enterprise—the Enterprise was never spacefaring.

The Space Shuttle Enterprise will touch down at the Intrepid! Cue NSOP 2011. A nugget of history for you: the Enterprise was the first shuttle orbiter, but never actually flew in space. Geek out. (Intrepid Museum)

A Columbia Comp Sci study found that people can’t quite handle social networking privacy settings—they’re either “sharing something they wished to hide, or hiding something they wished to share.” Sounds eerily like a late night at Campo. (Baltimore Sun)

Bad news—candy jars actually do make you significantly fatter and break your will. (WSJ)

In the Battle4Bacchanal, Lucky Chops and Tha Pyro are out; they’re being replaced by Ashley Jordan (Ajo) and Grace Gibson. Which really limits the number of times we get to make “Tha ___” puns in the near future. And in other Ajo news, she’s competing in Chegg’s College Battle of the Bands. She’s almost in the lead, so go vote (or die).

Oh, and you thought your CC teacher’s Courseworks posting requirements were demanding? Try working for HuffPoJonathan Tasini, the labor activist leading a class action suit against the site, calls its bloggers “modern-day slaves on Arianna Huffington’s plantation.” (Forbes)

Science! via Wikimedia