This is what an exoplanet *could* look like.

Though this article refers to real people who live in apartments, the same logic holds true for dorms. Stop buzzing signing in random “Columbia students”—they could be robbing you blind! (City Room)

Gamers, don’t let the Man tell you World of Warcraft is lame—it could help you find love. (NYT)

A leaked memo from the good physicists who run the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva states the possible discovery of the Higgs boson subatomic particle—could they really have found the “God particle”? (Wired)

Though we would have liked to have sent our congratulations, we are forced to convey our condolences to New York sports fans. Our beloved New York Knickerbockers lost to the Celtics last night, 113-96. (NBA)

The future is imminent…and e-waiters could be a part of it. (Slate)


Hypothetical rendering via Wikimedia Commons