Rubik's Cube: intuitive for smart people

It may be counter-intuitive that a state’s Governor would file his taxes late. After all, public officials are role models, right? Not so in New Jersey, where Chris Christie will file late for the second year in a row. (WSJ)

It’s pretty intuitive that the words and phrases we use all have a history. This weekend, you’ll be prepared to expound on the etymology of a word whose history may surprise you. (Slate)

Legal concepts are often counter-intuitive. (corporation = person?) So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Mother Nature is on her way to being granted rights. (Wired)

It’s very intuitive that people don’t spend much time reading signs on garbage cans. The MTA very smartly figured this out and decided to go with fewer words and bigger pictures on their “trash receptacles.” (NYT)

Columbia will begin construction on the Campbell Sports Center by the end of April. Advocates for Inwood Manhattan, a community group, are concerned by what they see as the rapid approach of construction. (Spec, DNAinfo)

Enigmatology via Wikimedia Commons