Sure, Apple might be tracking your every step (realistically, from Butler to the Halal cart on Broadway, and back to Butler again), but at least your phone doesn't look like this anymore!

Much to the surprise of local residents, Columbia signed a community agreement regarding Inwood construction. Said residents aren’t too happy—the agreement was finalized without their input. One local questions whether or not Columbia really intends to be a “good neighbor.” Hey! Some of us do make really good banana bread… (Spec)

In light of Apple’s plans to release software in the next few weeks that reduces the amount of location data stored on iPhones, Steve Jobs defends location tracking practices. And also the HUMANCENTiPAD, for obvious reasons. (WSJ, Gawker)

Earlier this week, a Brooklyn Brewery began selling beer-scented soap. No, this isn’t the premise of an upcoming 30 Rock episode—it’s actually happening. Next up: Spicy Special scented perfume. (Gothamist)

The “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part 2” trailer is fiiiiinally here. Not that we care, or anything. We’ll be too busy watching silent French films about art, and then engaging in healthy debate with our peers. But we did hear from a friend of a friend that the final battle scene looks like it’ll be pretty sweet. (Buzzfeed)

And on a serious note, we were saddened to hear that more than 170 people have died due to the deadly storms and tornadoes that hit the South Wednesday and early today. Alabama seems to have taken the worst hit, accounting for at least 128 of those deaths. (LATimes)


The thing that Soulja Boy wants to kiss you thru via Wikimedia Commons.