Does the grid make the perspective or does the perspective make the grid?

Prospies currently attempting to get a perspective into life at Columbia may be flustered as their peers rattle the names of their other college acceptances. But remember—it’s all about perspective. The salutatorian of Bronx Science got into six Ivies and is “just trying to refrain from any hubris,” but an acceptance to Columbia is still an incredible feat in itself. (NYDaily)

One columnist questions commonly held views on “Internet Addiction,” arguing, “if a pastime is not classy, those who love it are ‘addicted.'” (NYTimes)

In a recent episode of All Things Considered, Columbia’s beloved Brian Greene explained how recent findings at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory could change how we look at the universe. (NPR, US LHC)

The outcome of one man’s recent lawsuit is poised to question how employers perceive gender. (NYTimes)

NYMag offers three fascinating perspectives into the mind of post-crash Wall Street. (NYMag)

German via wikimedia.