Sometimes, the news chafes against the restraints of a theme.

Inspired by events in Egypt and Tunisia, one blogger is trying to incite a “Jasmine Revolution” in China, while based in his girlfriend’s Morningside Heights(!) apartment. Revolutions—you can start them from your home computer! (NYT)

The two teenagers involved in the brutal beating of a Chinese food delivery man in a Morningside Heights apartment building have turned themselves in. Didn’t anyone ever tell them that you’re supposed to flirt, not fight, with those who feed you? (Gothamist, NYPost)

As with all other momentous occasions in pop culture, William and Kate’s royal wedding has spawned a few memes: first, the infamous frowning flower girl; now, Princess Beatrice’s “hat.” The Internet is, like, so clever! (Jezebel, Gawker)

Victims of the devastating tornado that hit the South on Wednesday are now using Facebook to track down their scattered belongings. (NYT)

Fret not, emulators of 19th century journal writers. Cursive writing is still alive and well. H8Rs gon’ H8. (Slate, NYT)

Potpourri 4 Sale from Flickr/palindrome6996