This truck is a BAMF. Also, it has gears.

Shifting gears, and maybe even throwing it into reverse, big shot Atlanta law firm King & Spalding has backed out of its role defending the Defense of Marriage Act on behalf of House Republicans. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Seniors who are soon to graduate (sorry to remind you!), pretty soon you will need to shift gears and find an apartment, house, or other material to protect you from rain, wind, and wintry mix. If you decide to let this guy help you out, he will remember everything about you…forever. (NYT)

Displeased with Apple tracking their movements through iPhones and iPads, two customers are putting civil law in drive and suing the company that once claimed it was the opposite of 1984. (Wired)

Donald Trump is on Birther cruise control. He now doubts that President Obama, “a terrible student,” could have been admitted to either Columbia or Harvard. (Politico, AP)

Huge Flying Machine via Wikimedia Commons