Congress makes our USenate look like a play-legislature.

The City’s Pest Control team has suffered some cuts. Mr. Bloomberg says more people are complaining about rats because people are complaining more, not because there are more rats. Hm. (Gothamist)

Good news for folks in McBain—NY is working on a way to reduce light and noise from firetrucks on non-life threatening business. (Westport News)

But you should expect an increase in light and noise on subway platforms. A pilot blue light system will be installed in the 23rd street and Brooklyn Bridge stations. (City Room)

There’s some controversy over what to do with the Indian Point nuclear plant, which supplies 25% of the city’s power. Cuomo doesn’t like it, Bloomberg does. Awkward. (Politico)

Happy meals turn crabby. The NYC Council wants to ban toys in fast food. Nothing is sacred. If they don’t want kids to eat fast food, why don’t they just ban fast food? Freedom just gets in the way of everything… (Reuters)

Library of Congress from Wikimedia Commons