Maybe the Folk Fest will look like this.

Sometimes, the email (with a few friendly edits) pretty much says it all:

Folksters young and old, fat and slim, tall and short, hobos and tramps, musically inclined and tone deaf alike!!!!!!!

FOLK FEST IS TODAY from 4-9 pm!!! Come to Wien Courtyard to hear TEN freakin’ mind-blowing performances by some of our very most favorite folksters!!!! There will be free food provided by Dinosaur BBQ and our very own Feel Good Grilled Cheese!!!

ALSO, we have rain accommodations, so if it’s yucky out you should still come and get your daily dose of VITAMIN D with folk music, high in ALL VITAMINS!!!!

Though the prospect of today’s rainy weather forced Holi to reschedule, a poster on the Facebook event claims that Postcrypt has no such fears: “THE RAIN PLAN IS TO KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON AND THE SHOW MUST GO ON ETCETERA ET AL.”

Sounds like fun to us!

Update (5:36) – The music is canceled due to rain. The following e-mail was sent out about half an hour ago:

Hi folksters

To those of you who made it out to our family band bbq earlier. Were sorry to inform you that the acts scheduled for tonight are cancelled. :-( a million apologies, next year we will have a better rain plan :-)

If you’re still looking for free foods, word is there’s lots of leftover pasta in 465 Schermerhorn, leftover from the Black Radicalism conference.

Unlikely Depiction of the Folk Fest via Wikimedia Commons