Bwog respects our heritage/amorous affair by posting each issue of The Blue & WhiteThe latest issue, now available, is a cornucopia of delights: a gripping debate on the merits of shaving, tales of Columbia’s forgotten protests, and profiles of two truly awesome students, among others. As a special treat, Bwog has asked frequent Saturday Morning Cartoons contributor Jamila Barra to illustrate her favorite pieces of gossip from the March issue of the magazine.


Professor Kelley lecturing at Frontiers:

“This is as close as we get to sex in the morning.”

Frog-copulation noises ensue.




Paging Chris Hansen

Guy running down the street clutching a power cord:

“I have inappropriate things on my laptop, fuck!”




We’re Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Alan Brinkley in America Since 1945:

“Destroying communities is something I know a lot about, being Provost for 7 years.”

Student: “Were you discontented and disillusioned growing up?”




Grand Theft Shopping Cart

Girl talking to boy about her project for a game programming class:

“My group really wanted to do a video game about homeless people, like a fighting game. You complete missions, stay alive, or get addicted to heroin or go into the shelter, but then you can become part of a homeless gang and get so rich that they won’t let you go back into the shelter.”

“That … sounds really … exploitative, or offensive or something.”

“Well I suggested it as a joke, but people really seemed to like it.”