If you haven’t already heard, uniformed policemen raided Campo and the Heights on Friday, and 1020 and Mel’s the following night. According to a sophomore, the cops entered 1020 at 12:30am and approached a group of students sitting at one of the front booths. “Can I see your fake IDs? Let us see your fake IDs,” the policemen allegedly demanded.

“The weird part,” the anonymous tipster continues, “was I didn’t even really see anyone from school. It looked like mostly grad students and older folks, maybe a handful of seniors. I left immediately, taking my drink with me.”  A Mel’s drinker, who stuck around for the police raid, witnessed the cops lead a few students away. According to another tipster, at least three undergrads at 1020 received court summonses.

In their article, “Students surprised to see police checking IDs at popular bars,” (pithy, guys!) Spec talked to the Heights manager. He comments that though the cops’ arrival was “random,” the police have stopped by for surprise visits about 4 times a year. Bwog posted about a 1020 sting two short years ago. Correlation doesn’t imply causation, but perhaps last week’s intercepted package influenced the timing.

Ok, so what does this all mean? Can you still count on the kindness of bouncers/your cleavage? Will this make the EC, Heights or Campo decision less daunting? Or maybe you should just reconsider your ID-OlogyThe Blue and White’s 2010 Orientation issue produced a series of bar trading cards, featuring all the local joints where your questionable plastic is typically (!) accepted without question. They’re a great way to waste 20 minutes of your life and test your local drinking lore.