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Get A Better Fake Now

If you haven’t already heard, uniformed policemen raided Campo and the Heights on Friday, and 1020 and Mel’s the following night. According to a sophomore, the cops entered 1020 at 12:30am and approached a group of students sitting at one of the front booths. “Can I see your fake IDs? Let us see your fake IDs,” the policemen allegedly demanded.

“The weird part,” the anonymous tipster continues, “was I didn’t even really see anyone from school. It looked like mostly grad students and older folks, maybe a handful of seniors. I left immediately, taking my drink with me.”  A Mel’s drinker, who stuck around for the police raid, witnessed the cops lead a few students away. According to another tipster, at least three undergrads at 1020 received court summonses.

In their article, “Students surprised to see police checking IDs at popular bars,” (pithy, guys!) Spec talked to the Heights manager. He comments that though the cops’ arrival was “random,” the police have stopped by for surprise visits about 4 times a year. Bwog posted about a 1020 sting two short years ago. Correlation doesn’t imply causation, but perhaps last week’s intercepted package influenced the timing.

Ok, so what does this all mean? Can you still count on the kindness of bouncers/your cleavage? Will this make the EC, Heights or Campo decision less daunting? Or maybe you should just reconsider your ID-OlogyThe Blue and White’s 2010 Orientation issue produced a series of bar trading cards, featuring all the local joints where your questionable plastic is typically (!) accepted without question. They’re a great way to waste 20 minutes of your life and test your local drinking lore.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous The drinking age isn’t going to change, unless it gets even higher, because of the drunk driving problem this country has. That’s the reason why it was made 21 across the country in the first place since such a large percentage of drunk driving accidents were from 18-20.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous It’s not worth it to own a fake ID. It’s a huge felony charge and if you get caught with one you can go to jail for up to 7 years. I don’t think going to places you need to be 21 for is worth the possible 7 year jail sentence if you get caught.

  • A thick beard says:

    @A thick beard is a highly effective fake ID. And, it’s not illegal.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous The frats fell, the bars are falling. It’s not like there was so much to do on this campus beforehand. Am I the only one who’s seriously considering whether they should have transferred to a school where I’d have a real college experience?

    LitHum and CC are not worth it.

    1. perspective says:

      @perspective “the bars are falling”, what melodramatic nonsense. get a grip tiresias. hate to break it to you, but police raids on college bars happen at all fucking college bars, because police aren’t dumb. this weekend, all will be back to normal. and if you don’t think there’s anything to do past that, i can’t help you. it sounds like you want to be unhappy.

  • Noooooo says:

    @Noooooo The war on fun is winning!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I know I don’t speak for anyone else but when I was underage and had a fake – I drank much MUCH more than I do now, and often more than I should have. It wasn’t at bars – it was at parties. It could be youth…but when I studied in England, people had a much more enlightened attitude towards drinking. People still drank before they were 18 but they were much wiser about it by 21. I know the police have a job to do – they have to enforce the law. I just wish the law was more aware of reality.

  • says: quit censoring me

  • CC'13 says:

    @CC'13 “taking my drink with me”
    AHAHAHAHAH what a champ

  • Bwog, says:

    @Bwog, get a better copy editor now.

    “Height’s” –> “Heights'”

  • truth yo says:

    @truth yo hear, hear.

    1. that was says:

      @that was in response to bee

  • bee says:

    @bee I am a current junior and I never got a fake. I just waited until I was 21. Granted, I studied abroad in Europe last fall and turned 21 in January, but during my time here I have had a blast. If you want to drink just et one of your overage friends/ or friends with a fake to get alcohol from International and do it in a room or suite. While you might need alcohol to have fun, you don’t need to go to a bar to get it. Also, this option is surely cheaper. You might feel like you are missing out but going to a bar and feeling “grown up” is not worth getting caught by the cops! There are lots of restaurants too that will sell you a big pitcher of Sangria and don’t even card, I’m sure cops don’t have the time to “bust” restaurants. Remember that while it might not fit the “College Life” narrative, there are plenty on people on campus who never got a fake ID and have perfectly fun social lives.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous wrong. they do. hence “undercover.”

    2. jus' sayin says:

      @jus' sayin my fake id was not a huge investment, works decently, and takes me all over the city. jazz clubs, restaurants that do card, and yes, the occasional bar. believe me, i can do brews in rooms just fine and it’s a great way to relax, but sometimes you have to get out there. besides, a few decent cheap beers at 1020 is a small price to pay to talk to some people that i don’t already know. get out of your room!

    3. I chose columbia for the city!111!! says:

      @I chose columbia for the city!111!! what you propose is probably the most horrifying scenario I have ever heard from someone going to Columbia and trying to *live* life.

      CAPTCHA: himself Idspize

    4. wow biggestt says:

      @wow biggestt tool ever..i hope you got friends

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Those articles you linked to talk about $4 beers and bars that no longer exist.

  • fuck tha police says:

    @fuck tha police can we just change the drinking age by now?! it doesn’t work, hasn’t worked, and will never work to protect the youth or encourage responsible drinking behaviors. Let’s just face the facts and stop punishing “kids”

  • ok says:

    @ok but there are bigger problems

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous FUCK THE POPO TO HELL

  • OR says:

    @OR You could have real fun and get the heck out of MoHi!

    1. WORD UP says:

      @WORD UP nah, they’re too scared of big bad downtown and all the better, cheaper places those unafraid of exploring nyc frequent.

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