We’ve already seen the election results for CCSC, ESC, and SGA. Now, here are the election results for the General Studies Student Council!

Student Body President: Jacqueline Thong – 54.3% of votes

VP-Policy: Benjamin Paladino – 77.1% of votes

VP-Finance: Joshua Lewin-Jacus – 44.2% of votes

VP-Communications: Mahogany Wright – 43.0% of votes

VP-Student Events: Frank Castellucci – 36.6% of votes

University Senator: Jose Robledo – 56.5% of votes

The percentages reflect the total votes cast in the election, not votes cast in each individual race.

GSSC also tells us that the following positions will be filled through an application and interview process before the end of the semester: Senior Class President, Senior Class Vice President, Social Chair, Chief Policy Representative, Chief Communications Representative, Chief Student Events Representative, Chief Finance Representative, Four Council Coordinator, and Alumni Affairs Representative. All other positions will be filled at the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester.

Congratulations to all the winners!