At around 11:45pm tonight, we received word of an incident on College Walk near the 116th St. gates. Tipsters informed us of a man screaming and being arrested by NYPD with Public Safety on the scene. NYPD told us the person of interest was “emotionally disturbed.” Public Safety had no comment but said they were “currently investigating” the situation. Photos are below, we will update with details as we hear more.

Update (Sunday 9:15): We still haven’t heard back from Public Safety, but DNAinfo reports the following:

The attack happened during a fight between about 20 people at 116th Street and Broadway, police said …

The victim was heard yelling, “Get him off me!” as the attack took place. It took four university security guards to wrestle him to the ground. They held him until police arrived.

DNAinfo were not able to reach Public Safety either. We’re hoping to speak to someone tomorrow morning.