The man who bit and kicked a woman on Saturday night, while screaming about Obama, is a student at the business school and has been charged with third-degree assault. The court papers filed yesterday state that Ash Sinha “grabbed his victim’s hair at 116th St. and Broadway, threw her to the ground, punched and kicked her, and bit her leg,” the NYDaily News reports. The attack appears to have been unmotivated, and the victim was not a student. Sinha is currently being detained in the psychiatric ward of Bellevue Hospital, where he was moved after reportedly smashing medical equipment at Harlem Hospital. He has another scheduled court appearance today. Only the NYPost’s version of the story claims that Sinha was drunk.

Some comments on our initial post claimed that Public Safety did not take action, but multiple reports corroborate the story that officers restrained Sinha until the NYPD arrived. Public Safety has remained unreachable for comment by phone and e-mail since we first reported the incident.