Spotted yesterday after the event

Most people like to eat. Most people do not like to spend money, hence our free food tips. A great lover of free food has been revealed to us and now reports regularly on the quality, quantity, and pizazz of free food events around campus. Read on as The Scrounger gets collegiate at College Days. Be on alert, clubs. Will The Scrounger be at your next event?

Nothing says wonderful spring evening dinner than a heaping pita of (FREE) refreshing vegetables and various forms of chick peas. Wrapping up College Days was a little give away bonanza of free Maoz and T-shirts. Although the lines oscillated from being overwhelmingly long to non-existant, the event went very smoothly.

The Scorecard

Quality 3.9 Maoz was definitely a good choice for the night and the catering package was very fine indeed. Eaters had a choice of myriad accoutrements to enhance their plate, including lettuce, falafel balls with parsley, beets, carrots, tomatoes and cucumber, couscous, and various pickled ingredients. In addition, there were several sauces to add including classic hummus and tahini.
Volume 3.7 Servers were extraordinarily friendly and ready to pile on the grub. However, some of the serving-wear prevented efficient transfer from the catering dish to the eater’s pita or plate. In addition, the fluctuating lines may have prevented diners for going back for seconds.
Amenities 3.0 Large, flimsy white paper plates and forks. But the different toppings were very thoughtful and free T-shirts were handed out at the event too.
Take Out 3.9 A clear take-your-food-and-get-out-in-the-warm-sunshine-or-get-back-to-class event.
Décor 1.5 The Wien lobby was still very clearly the Wien lobby.

Thanks to Steele Sternberg for the picture of not-falafel