Fancy Feast (except for people (not cats))

Earlier this week, we introduced The Scrounger. This determined moocher is a devotée of Bwog’s free food announcements, and returns with a vengeance from Thursday’s doubleheader featuring the Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Dinner and the Women’s National History Month closing event.

It’s nights like Thursday’s that get my heart pumping and my excitement barely containable. Two free-food dinner events. Both around the same two-hour time span. Right across the street from each other. Is this a challenge I hear? Naturally, rose to the occasion and double-dipped, hitting up both the Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Dinner and the Women’s National History Month closer.

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

The Scorecard

Quality 4.1 The Pad Thai with egg was really enjoyable and the Malay Satay Skewers were excellent.
Volume 3.8 Given the large crowd and the probable flustered feelings, the servers were fairly generous with proportions. However, going back for seconds was going to be a feat…
Amenities 3.5 Faux-metal plastic cutlery added a fantastic touch of class. Some additional sauces and beverages were provided (lemonade and iced tea courtesy of Columbia Catering). A fancy calendar of all the events were at each place setting, indicating future free food events.
Take Out 3.6 Definitely do-able. The crowd was large which means food-sneakers could go unnoticed…unless of course you knew people running the event.
Décor 4.8 The centerpieces, tablecloths, and organization all gave off a touch of class.

Earl Hall was packed thanks to well-advertised promises of free food and stand-up comedy. Nicely laid out with blue tablecloths, matching blue plastic chairs, and an elegant flower centerpiece, the décor was quite stately. I got to really soak it in as the free food didn’t start until 6:45, which made the crowd grow antsy while numbers swelled (the event was billed as starting at 6:30 pm). When the servers finally took to their stations, chaos commenced, and the lines for the food were poorly coordinated. The logic of manners quickly degenerated into the survival of the fittest. However, when I finally reached the table loaded with food, I was greeted with kind servers and a toothsome range of dishes including General Tso’s chicken, something vegetabley, spring rolls, Malay satay skewers, pad thai, and rice. All were quickly devoured.

Women’s National History Month

The Scorecard

Quality 4.6 Excellent spread. The herb and cheddar quiche and the chicken with pesto and mozzarella cheese were delicious, though cold.
Volume 4.9 The attendance was low, which meant plenty of food for everyone there. There was also a much-appreciated precedent set for quietly being able to go to the food table and reload during the Q&A segment. Thanks to the brave soldier who started this!
Amenities 3.3 Pretty standard affair: plates, napkins and cutlery.
Take Out 4.9 After the speaker finished, there was still a lot of food left—perfect for taking leftovers home.
Décor 4.0 The light blue paper tablecloths fell a little short, but the flower centerpieces were perfectly legitimate.

After feasting at the Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Dinner, I slipped across the street to the wrap-up of Women’s National History Month. I was delighted to see the promised (Kitchenette-catered) buffet still running with plenty of food to offer and no line.

There were two large, vibrant salads. Next came the carb platters: two different lasagna dishes which left something to be desired, bread, and another pasta dish. Fortunately, next up was an excellent chicken stuffed with mozzarella and pesto, and wonderful herb and cheddar quiche squares—the pick of the night for this scrounger. Finishing up the line were dessert trays which displayed some almond-nut glazed bars, cookies, brownie-cheesecake bites, and sweet bread nibbles with a few sad looking strawberries. The food was very pleasurable, despite being a little cold.

Photo by The Scrounger