The setting of the debate will look just like this, only slightly more formal. Black tie is suggested, but not mandatory.

That headline’s a mouthful, but it’s probably nothing compared to what you’ll hear tonight if you choose to attend the Spec-sponsored CCSC candidate debates. Yes, that’s right—debates! The issues that you want to hear about (and probably some you don’t) will be laid out on the table (bar? booth?) between 7 and 8 pm at Havana Central, in “an hour of debate and discussion” between the three parties in the running. For those  who haven’t yet been hounded by 16 million Facebook invites to support one of the three parties, you can check out their platforms here, here, and here before the event.

Oh, and if you were worried about a biased host, cool your jets—Spec will not be endorsing a CCSC party this year, since one of their staff members is a candidate. (Yes, we just said “cool your jets.” It’s been a very long week.)

Preview of the debate image via Wikimedia Commons.