In this rapidly changing world, we sometimes feels a little behind the times. Old Man Bwog aims to address the eternal gripe: “What’s up With That?

Dear Nostalgic Students,

I understand your longing for times past, but I have trouble understanding the recent trend of throwback backpacks. “Life was simpler then,” you think. “And when I think of simpler times, I think of the simpler pop culture pleasures. I ought to fasten to my bodice an emblem of that childhood memory, lest I forget.” Old Man Bwog has fond memories of sitting beside the window and watching the snow fall outside. Do you see me walking around with a window glued to my forehead and throwing up handfuls of snow-like confetti? Do you think you’re being any less subtle? Did you seriously go to K-mart for the sole purpose of purchasing an item marketed exclusively to young children? Did you even honestly enjoy those shows when you were a kid? Can you even fit all your books in there? What’s up with that?

Yours grumbly,