Post-Abacchalypse: Part One

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Bacchanal 2011 in picture and video. Stay tuned for tales from the concert!

The grand approach:

Taking the stage

“All the ugly ladies be quiet”


Photos from Steve Welsh, Annie Tan, Rajib Mitra, and Louise McCune. Video from gs2172.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Um... wtf is that thing in the picture in the bottom right hand corner?

  2. Query

    What were you shooting with for the picture on the right of the third line down?

  3. who has  

    the picture/vid of the guys who handed snoop dogg a cup of gin and juice, while he performed gin and juice??

  4. Anonymous  

    Where's a picture of Jody Zellman???? We want to see the Bacchanal man in all his glory!

    (...Especially if a raw chicken shoved on a fence is worth showing.)

  5. Anonymous

    To paraphrase Jay-Z: dat boy (any) good?

  6. Nah  

    the chicken's better

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