Our Profs are Ballin’

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Probably not what their award will look like.

Bwog would like to extend its heartiest congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Lionel Trilling and Mark Van Doren Awards, bestowed upon exceptional professors each year for writing a fancy book and being dedicated to “humanity, devotion to truth and inspiring leadership,” respectively. This year, the Trilling Award goes to the English department’s James Shapiro, CC ’77, for his book Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare?, and the Van Doren award goes to Holger Klein, Professor of Art History and reputed for his “pedagogical greatness.” They’re both silver nuggets on CULPA, and you should probably take a class with them before you die I mean graduate.

The awards ceremony is being held tonight from 6:30 to 8:30pm in the Faculty Room of Low. Check it out—for seniors, this might be one of your last chances to rub elbows with the rich and famous intelligent and well-read. You know, unless you’re, like, going to grad school or something.

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