Senior Wisdom: Akosua Ayim

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Bwog checks in with another wise senior

Name, school: Akosua Ayim (or just Ko), Columbia College

Claim to fame: ….I guess that would be my roles in all things multicultural *kanyeshrug* Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the Multicultural Greek Council, the African Students’ Association and Black Heritage Month 2011. The random performances of spoken word poetry at open mics. And that one time I performed in The Colored Museum with BTE.

Where are you going? JP Morgan, somewhere in the I-Bank. Living in HarlemWorld.

Three things you learned at Columbia:
1. Not all philosophers were created equal. And therefore you should take the Core with a grain of salt.
2. Nobody will ever give you anything, you have to take it. And that’s okay because it feels so much better once you finally have it. This is totally directed to the Economics department. Yes, I am talking about my degree.
3. There is more to learn outside of the classroom than within it. So if you’re having a great conversation at 6am with random people on the Steps, don’t feel bad about missing your 9:10am.

“Back in my day…” A subway swipe was $2.00. We had all-day unlimited metrocards (excellent for those random Saturdays when you wanted to discover what made Brooklyn amazing) and the monthly unlimited was $89.

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer:
I get my energy from my inner G
I be in outer space, but I got inner peace
So tell my enemies, they can’t injure me
I know that irritates, you have my sympathies

Is the War on Fun over? Who won? Any war stories? Well…we all know the answer to that from the Greek aspect of my student life. But in general I’d have to say the War is not over and we’re probably at a stalemate right now. There’s work to be done but CU has a lot of potential. If students took more of their partying off-campus (host a party at HK Lounge or Crimson) then the students would definitely have the upper hand. War stories? The Free Weezy party FAIL. Although Public Safety did hold us down that one time.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Every year I am SHOCKED by the amount of seniors who are not willing to give up cheese. This makes no sense to me.

Advice for the class of 2015:
1. Make sure you have a car or a friend with a car at least during your senior year. The subway system is ridiculously BAD on the weekends and it made all the difference in the fun-factor of my senior year.
2. Major in something you are GOOD AT! Especially if you’re in CC (not sure how well this works with SEAS). Major in something that will guarantee you a dazzling GPA which will then lead to a dazzling job offer. Most places spend tons of time training on the job, so the actual major doesn’t have as much weight as it used to. What matters is that you did well.
3. If you have a kitchen in your living space after freshmen year, you do not need a meal plan.
4. Make friends (real friends) with people who do not look/sound/dress like you. Perspective is everything.
5. Walk to 96th street every once in awhile. And walk over to Amsterdam and down to Manhattan Ave. There is more to this place than 116th & Broadway.

Any regrets? I think I’ve milked this place for more than what it’s worth and I’m ready for whatever is next. I guess my one regret would be not going to Senior Night as much as I probably should have. Or not having as much fun as I could have in general. But I’m sure Senior Week will fix that.

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  1. Anonymous  

    "There is more to learn outside of the classroom then within it." Someone obviously skipped University Writing a few times too many...

  2. Anonymous  



  3. Between

    the comment about the car and the focus on GPA numbers, as well as many other things, this is a terrible Senior Wisdom

  4. Anonymous  

    "Major in something that will guarantee you a dazzling GPA" are you kidding me?!

    • Agreed  

      It is people like this that make our university look like a pre-professional shit hole. Bad advice. Major in something that is interesting to you, or something that intellectually challenges you.

    • CC 13

      If you didn't guess it would be that way, after reading "JP Morgan, somewhere in the I-Bank," well, uh, you should have guessed it would be that way. My lord, these kids.

      • Anonymous  

        To be fair,

        The competitiveness inherent in the system pretty much forces kids to maximize every advantage to get as high of a GPA as possible nowadays. Most professional schools are GPA whores, and LAW SCHOOL is a prime example.

        Having gone through the Law School process I can attest that ceteri paribus, someone with a 4.0 in ... [easy major] is much, much better off than someone with 3.5 in astrophysics or something. Disappoint, but that's just the way the system is.

  5. Anonymous  

    i like that she "aka"s herself as killa ko...

  6. Anonymous  

    I'm pretty sure they still do have all day unlimited metrocards, or at least they did last summer.
    And was she serious about telling students to host parties at lounges?

  7. Anonymous  

    "5. Walk to 96th street every once in awhile. And walk over to Amsterdam and down to Manhattan Ave. There is more to this place than 116th & Broadway." TRUTH.

    loveee her <3

  8. Hmm

    She seems a bit hard-edged.

  9. Anonymous  

    I'm sure JP Morgan is quite excited to place "Killa Ko" "somewhere" in their I-bank.

    What a joke.

  10. ugh

    Preferring easy grades to being intellectually challenged is not exactly what I'd call "wise."

  11. Anonymous

    Wow. I'm just going to give you all the benefit of the doubt and assume you have sand in your vaginas because of finals. For those who haven't had the pleasure of meeting Akosua, it's a shame for you. She is one of the most down to earth and funniest people I've met here. And as for getting a high GPA, some of us aren't blessed with a six figure + trust funds waiting for us after college. Some people need to get high paying, competitive jobs to pay off the massive loans we have. And even if she has millions at her disposal, what's wrong with wanting success if it brings her happiness? Please get out of your bubbles and look at things from others' points of view.

    • Cry me a river  

      "some of us aren’t blessed with a six figure + trust funds waiting for us after college"

      Yeah, those of us who don't have cars in New York freaking City just because zomg, the subway's hot once in a while, and can't rent out lounges to host off-campus parties at freaking Crimson.

      No one is saying that she's a bad person; she might be the best person someone could hope to meet on this entire campus; but this was a shit senior wisdom. That, even if they're based on real world trends (4.0 in a soft major being worth more on the job market than a 3.5 in astrophysics like someone else said) at the very least reflect fucked-up priorities.

      It doesn't sound grateful, or optimistic, or in any way wise. She's done "milking Columbia for all its worth" and is headed to an i-banking job. And that's fine, to each their own, but don't expect us all to fawn over your BFF if those are the things she wants to showcase about herself 4 years later.

    • Anonymous  

      I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are new to bwog and perhaps Columbia. It comes with the territory that if you put yourself out there on this anonymous forum, you are going to get shat on by at least some portion of the Columbia community.

      Also most people I know that aren't going after the high paying competitive jobs are the ones that are going to be in enormous amounts of debt. Yea if it makes her happy she should go for it but it goes against having a sense of individuality and impact on the world which are values held in esteem by the majority of the Columbia community.

      Plus I-bankers tend to be decidedly boring individuals and I'm related to a couple of them.

  12. Anonymous

    Yea, for those of y'all who don't know Ko you are losing in life. This whole thing was tongue in cheek. She is THE most hilarious person ever.
    Also among the many things she does (and she didnt mention) she is a fab dancer and a member of Onyx. Thats probably where the name "killa Ko" comes from.
    And screw not knowing her- just take the sticks out of your asses. The war on fun and humor in life obviously isn't only a problem with campus administration.

  13. flip you  

    "And as for getting a high GPA, some of us aren’t blessed with a six figure + trust funds waiting for us after college."

    Some of us aren't blessed with trust funds NOR are we selling our souls to give our children one. screw you!

  14. Word  

    Thing Learned #2. Wise.

  15. Anonymous  

    I wasn't very impressed. It was pretty generic wisdom.

  16. ????  

    Cars? what? I'm sorry, I'm sure she is a really nice girl, but this is not a good senior wisdom

  17. booooo

    and we were on such a roll... I guess every year needs on dud of a wisdom

  18. Wow.

    This girl's going to have a really tough time at JP Morgan.

  19. CC'13  

    what the fuck is a "car"?

  20. REALLY?!

    I have never met this girl, and don't particularly want to, but the point of Senior Wisdom is to get different perspectives. I certainly don't want to end up ibanking, but the point about the GPA is sound advice for people who do want to end up in that competitive job market. She is saying the shit that most people won't and letting ya'll know how life really is when you're approaching graduation. Also, having a car near or around campus at your disposal is something that can be really useful from time to time- I definitely don't think its a MUST have or a #1 piece of advice, but an interesting suggestion. So just like she says- take these with a grain of salt. We're a student body with incredibly diverse goals and interests. There is a lot to gain from listening to the reflections of other people who have lived through this place. Not all of the advice is applicable to each of us, but its still interesting to hear from students who spend there time here differently from how we do.

  21. This is  

    Great advice for someone who wants to get absolutely nothing out of their Columbia experience. A car and an easy major = fast-track to nowhere (except JP Morgan, but that doesn't really count as a career...)

  22. WHOOOO!

    JOHN JAY NINE!!!!!

  23. Listen  

    this is what she wants to share with the rest of the columbia community. she must like this school if she's attempting to teach something to those of us coming up who aren't in her place. i'm sure everyone can find SOMETHING to take out of this. if not, too bad, there are tons of other seniors doling out advice. plus, these comments are irrelevant to them anyway. they're tired of this place, they've got less than a week left, stop bothering yourselves and get back to studying.

    ps i'm thinking the car is good for impromtu getaways.i hate the metro sometimes and the amount taxis cost. the negativity here is actually disgusting

  24. Procrass  

    Driving through New York City is an entirely different experience than riding the subway. You can get downtown, and to other boroughs much quickly, and with the right crowd and playlist, you kinda feel like you're in a rap video. It's most definitely not essential but as a native NY-er, I feel her on this one.

    The rest of it seems incredibly specific to her sorority, group of friends, and the kind of fun she likes to have. Ain't nothing wrong with that, but it defeats the whole "college partying" thing if we were to never party on... our campus.

    Like someone said, different strokes for different folks. It would be boring if all the senior wisdoms echoed the exact same sentiments (which, to some degree, the previous ones did). Good luck to you Ko!

    PS thank you for pointing out the absurdity of people choosing cheese. Must have never experienced great oral before. -_-

  25. ooPs  

    much more quickly* before the grammar police start a-comin'..

  26. Chilll  

    why are people mad tho? shes a bitch for expressing her ideas?

  27. Anonymous  

    I was all set to complain about how I've never heard of the majority of people chosen for senior wisdoms... but then I read through this and it was kick ass. Congrats to another person I don't know but wish I did after reading this senior wisdom!

  28. Anonymous

    i cant stand her. she is a straight up fake bitch

  29. hmmm

    4. Make friends (real friends) with people who do not look/sound/dress like you. Perspective is everything.

    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the Multicultural Greek Council, the African Students’ Association and Black Heritage Month 2011. The random performances of spoken word poetry at open mics. And that one time I performed in The Colored Museum with BTE.

    • the question asked  

      what her claim to fame was at Columbia. Those were the groups she was most involved in, but that doesn't mean those were her only friends. sheesh, at this point, people are just looking for things to pick at.

  30. Anonymous

    you just revealed yourself completely here. apparently surrounding yourself with people interested in either black, greek, and/or multicultural things automatically means you're hanging out with people who look/sound/dress like you.

    so what you're saying is that all black/african/multicultural people are the same, huh? really?

    i would check yourself and your words because for the perceptive people, you sound/are EXTREMELY ignorant.

    furthermore, Akosua does more than that, and she knows far more people than that.

  31. this is sad

    I can't believe all these comments...people really have the audacity to call someone a "bitch" or "obnoxious" without even knowing her?!

    What, are you expecting everyone's wisdom to be the same?

    And why is everyone mad at that dazzling GPA statement? If you can recall, she said major in something you're GOOD at...if people all just stopped to think for a moment, you'd realize that a dazzling GPA usually does come when you're studying something you're good at.

    But if that advice doesn't jive with you, DON'T TAKE IT. You don't need be completely RUDE and INSULTING about not liking her Senior Wisdom.

    That said, Ko is an awesome, smart, strong, driven'd be wise to take notes.

  32. Anonymous

    GREAT ADVICE KO!!! To address all of the negative comments ... Ko was clearly approached to write a senior wisdom because of her impact on campus and the surrounding areas. She is respected, and for someone to call her a bitch and be disrespectful to what SHE feels as wise is completely disrespectful and the fact that it is done anonymously proves you are an egotistical coward. Mad respect Ko! Keep doing your thing! I'm chasing you

  33. Anonymous

    To everyone who actually took time out to respond to Ko's post (myself included), you have toooo much time on your hands. Typical of Columbia losers. IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS.

  34. Anonymous  

    I love the spike in hostility toward senior wisdomers that always hits as reading period winds down. Summer is really soon, you guys! It'll be okay!

    I haven't seen Akosua much since JJ9, but she's remained friendly and kind. Glad to hear that things are going well for you-- best of luck next year!

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