Roses Are Red, Foucault’s In Sig Nu…

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  1. Procrastination? On my Bwog?  

    Allah you guys need to get back to work, right this instant.

  2. And this is why,  

    Columbia, I love you.

  3. Oh dear...  

    I'm a-Freud I'll be laughing at this all night.

  4. Freshman  

    What's PDP?

  5. That's fine and all...  

    but Arendt we supposed to be, like, studying or something?

  6. Lololololol  

    Only Luthers think puns are funny.

  7. Pike

    Forgot to include Svidrigailov.

  8. Anonymous  

    this is stupid, we all know that anyone with half a brain would not be caught dead joining a frat.

  9. Love  

    Bwog tags! But you caught me red-handed...

  10. PDPsi  

    Keyword: Primarily.

  11. Anonymous  

    Confucius is my broo!

  12. you know what?  

    I desperately want to know the logic behind these choices. Some are evident and some are....puzzling. Give us the scoop!

  13. Freshman  

    Isnt PDPSI the only asian fraternity on campus?

  14. yo

    for some finals procrastination fun, check out bored at butler . com !!!

  15. where's aepi?

    gotta get the Jews up there

  16. how  

    did jesus end up in ADP?

  17. Sigma Nu  

    Why Foucault? And no one else? Now I'm sad.

  18. Anonymous  

    Lambda Phi Epsilon is the other Asian fraternity.

  19. Anonymous  

    why is robespierre in adp

  20. Ralph  

    i'm glad to see that the core curriculum is being put to good use

  21. Anonymous  

    why isn't the old testament god in aepi?

  22. Anonymous  

    i didnt kno....why you gotta be so mean shit...

  23. bwog is  

    bwog is for white people

  24. Center for the Core Curriculum

    I'm pretty sure Woolf would be in ADP.

  25. nuh uh  

    ADP is hella multi-culti

  26. Anonymous

    let the ADP Reign of Terror begin

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