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Midnight breakfast is circus themed

Just because finals start tomorrow in earnest doesn’t mean you can’t have fun tonight!

At midnight in 209, CUMB hosts Orgo Night. There will be music, shouting, school spirit, and Barnard jokes.

Speaking of the ladies across Broadway, tonight is another Midnight Breakfast. There will be barrels of free food. Barnard seniors may start munching at 11 pm, the rest of Barnard can join in the festivities at 11:30 pm, and Columbians can begin gorging at 12 am.

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  1. i can't stand  

    seeing people from barnard in the noco library using microsoft word on the engineering computers. there's a reason its called the digital Science center in the Science and Engineering library. Every computer on campus has microsoft word, you don't need a quad-core. but, no, i have to wait to go to their breakfast...

    • Anonymous  

      I'm a CC student who has made (more than?) my share of Barnard jokes, but I must point out that you should really be just as pissed if a CC, GS, SEAS or grad student was using MS Word in the NoCo library if you want to be consistent.

      • Anonymous  

        I think the idea is that it's irritating if ANYONE uses the computers to do trivial tasks. Barnard, CC, and GS all have science majors. Science and Engineering Library...

        • ...  

          for the record, the closest i've seen to anyone using those machines for anything "science" related is when people pop up pdf lecture slides in 1 up mode full screen.

          it would be much more useful if they had cables out so you can hook your laptop up.

      • Anonymous  

        hahahah my previous comment actually makes no sense. I apologize. reading week.

    • Anonymous  

      do these "people from Barnard" wear hats that say "I go to Barnard" or something?

      • Anonymous

        didn't you know? all of us have holograms of vaginas above our heads that are invisible to anybody but butthurt columbians with superiority complexes! other than that, he/she could probably tell because said microsoft word documents of doom have mandatory pink headings that say 'strong, beautiful, barnard'.

    • Anonymous  

      even worse is when people are on the computers and are using them for anything but photoshopping pictures to make everyone look like pirates.

  2. important question  

    does the 209 part of orgo night begin at 12? or does that begin like at 12:15 or something? and if i want to get midnight breakfast AND go to orgo night, would it be advisable to go to barnard first THEN butler?

  3. Anonymous  

    For those looking to procrastinate-- here are my shaky recordings of Orgo Night:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4 and 5 are forthcoming.

  4. barnard jokes  

    are totally up for grabs when a joke about possibly seeing barnard vaginas results in cheering from the barnard section

    cheering for objectification? columbia won't respect you until you respect yourselves. if the other half of barnard would take themselves as seriously as the GOOD half, maybe one day there won't be anything to joke about.

  5. It's Orgo Night...  

    ...And I love me a good Barnard joke (although, I hafta say, I didn't laugh at the "toga=vshow"...'cuz that was just...dumb). What did you want us to do, shake our fists and boo and sulk? We're all having a good time. I respect myself plenty and I'm comfortable enough with myself as a Barnard student to laugh at the ol' "BNARD GURLZ R WHOARZ" thing. Why should I get angry if it's not true (in my case)?
    Eh. And back to studying I go!

    • DAMMIT  

      That was meant in response to the guy on his soapbox ("barnard jokes").

  6. Barnard jokes

    too soon.

  7. student

    Why do so many ignorant people assume a girl would choose Barnard only because she can't get into Columbia? Barnard has liberal arts benefits that Columbia does not, such as a better advising system and career center, intimate social communities, and more one-on-one interaction with professors. Plus some ladies just like the feel of going to a school that actively promotes self-empowerment. Seeing encouraging signs everywhere and going to wonderful women-led lectures all the time has been a great part of my college experience. Lastly, some women, like myself, prefer the intellectual freedom of the 9 ways of knowing rather than the core classes columbia students are forced to take. I know I prefer taking in-depth classes rather than a huge survey class of western civilization. Seriously boys and girls, realize that for many Barnard women, the quality of education was a more important factor than having a Columbia College degree. Plus, I love seeing so many unique and wonderful ladies in one place. It's inspiring!

    • BC 2013

      What does this have to do with anything? We were discussing objectification, not rejection.
      I mean, I guess there's nothing wrong with your statement except that it's a little out of the blue...but since you're from Barnard be prepared for the following replies:

      -BARNARD SUX!!1
      -Typical Barnard, completely missing the point
      -Shut up, Barnard
      -More liKe BarnYARD amirite? CUZ ERRYONES A COW

      PS- recaptcha: Watson, style. IT'S A SIGN! EMMA'S A-COMIN'!

  8. Anonymous  

    where's the orgo night review?

  9. Umm.....  

    I am pretty the majority of the girls at Barnard couldn't get into Columbia...

    • CC'11  

      LOL, I love it when people who are trying to call people out on their intelligence in a comment make a grammatical error!

      I am pretty sure*

    • Anonymous

      How can you quantify this? Is this just a *hunch* you have? Do you honestly even know anything about these girls? I don't think it matters if you got into Columbia / Barnard / GS / or any other school, as long as you make it out alive. Barnard girls and GS oldies typically take a ton of Columbia classes and do fine, if not better, than plenty of CC people. If all you can brag about is the school you got into, then you probably didn't accomplish much once you were here.

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