1. Wu  

    If you look at the tile design on the floor, it honestly looks like the Nazis had a part in making the design.

  2. Anonymous  

    asshole. the other cart disappeared weeks ago, we need this one. PUT IT BACCCKKKKKKK

  3. BWOG  

    you are not posting senior wisdom's frequently enough to help me procrastinate!

  4. What are those  

    carts for in Nussbaum? Can't you just use your own laundry bag?

    • they're so convenient!  

      you can avoid dropping socks on the nasty floor by putting your bag into the cart right below the door to the washing machine. then you can swing the cart over to the dryer, unless some selfish prick has it upstairs!!!

  5. can someone tell me  


    im just distressed.

  6. BWOG!  

    can you do an investigative report about the absurd social awkwardness of the men's rowing teams? I feel so embarrassed for them all the time...

  7. Van Owen

    Look at that nasty floor...fuck

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