Dear Columbia,

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Hamilton is FUCKING FULL, kthxbai.

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Butler is probably full too, but at least the Hamilton squatters have the decency to leave apologetic notes.

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  1. Anonymous

    you people are all out of your minds

  2. abroad

    Do you people have any idea how INSANE this looks from outside the Volumbia bubble? It's like Jonestown.

  3. hey,  

    :D Fuck off :D . . . good luck! :) <3 Yay ;)

  4. Anonymous  

    I never quite understood the phenomenon of 2-4 people claiming an entire Hamilton room for themselves. Sometimes when I study there, someone pokes their head in, sees only me, and leaves. I don't bite. I don't care if you wanna study there too. It's just a place with a seat that's not my own room (which I'm getting really damn tired of right now).

  5. Jack  

    So today morning at 9:30 am I got hold of one spot in Room 301, I stepped out to get 20o pages printed and a danish. By the time I was back (30 min later) one bitch had taken over it and when I requested her to leave she refused.
    I was so angry that I wanted to bone her right there......damn these bitches....someone needs to fuck them and fuck them hard.....

  6. Anonymous

    I really, really want to go and throw a stink bomb into each of these rooms.

  7. And yet...  

    I am eternally grateful to the bitches going crazy in Hamilton - if Hamilton weren't full right now, I wouldn't be sitting next to this rather attractive girl in Butler right now.

  8. TT  

    ya man it does increase my productivity as well. Nothing like sitting close to nice, hot chick in a tank top and short skirt.....totally staring at her while writing this....
    long live summer......

  9. ocupado  

    "occupada" no es unas palabra. No saben como escribir la palabra.

  10. Anonymous  

    I would tell you the location of my secret study spot, but then I'd have to kill you.

  11. Anon

    Not as good as being in the vag all night long

  12. I hope they weren't studying for a Spanish  

    exam because "ocupado" has only one "c."

  13. former student

    do undergrads still get swipe access to the other academic buildings? i'd give out the study spots that saved my ass many times over during finals time, but i don't want them to vanish in the event that i return for grad school. just saying there are far more buildings than hamilton to crash in if you're looking for a quiet room.

    oh, and good luck everyone. except the fat chicks. never cared much for the fat chicks.

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