Bed Bugs in Butler: the Saga Continues

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Good Citizen tipster Luwam Kidane has just informed us that the bed bug crisis is far from over. She just spotted the pesky pests in 409 Butler. Before tipping Bwog, she sent an e-mail to the appropriate authorities and informed someone at the library—we commend her responsibility. She reports that said staff person “was able to guess where they were before I could tell him. To which I responded, ‘They’ve known for a while now?’ and he reluctantly nodded.”

Update, 5:44pm: They’ve been sighted in the Ref Room. Nothing is sacred.

When will it end?

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  1. ummm  

    pretty sure luwam is a girl, bwog.

  2. dear 4th floor,  

    watch out.
    your bed bug residents

    ps: 3rd floor we're coming.

  3. They've known for a while now

    I know bed bugs are hard to get rid of. But it's better to invest the time, $ and effort early on. Get a knowledgeable PCO with an effective treatment plan and actually solve the problem. Inconvenient, more time consuming, more expensive for sure, but half-assed eradication efforts and ignoring the remaining infestation are just gonna make things worse. C'mon Butler.

  4. Anonymous  

    *last name: Kidane, not Kudane.


    Luwam's #1 Stan.

  5. Bed Bug Intruder

    Hide yo kids, hide yo wife

  6. Anonymous  

    where are all the other senior wisdoms? don't you have a backlog now?

  7. Anonymous  

    they use contractors. but keep dreamin'

  8. ...  

    looks like they just sprinkled 209 with roach traps...

  9. Anonymous  

    Why would you even risk studying anywhere in Butler these days? Not worth it.

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