Anything Goes

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Canine Enthusiast Sam Warren tipped these pictures of a puppy in Butler this morning. And it was wearing a sweater. That is all.


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  1. Anonymous  

    I am so tired that I thought those pics were Willie in the Winni the Pooh outfit he wore for Halloween. I was thinking to is that goina help him study??? Silly Willie....therez no honey in Butler.

  2. I want  

    a puppy to help me study. Columbia get on that.

  3. oh man

    does that puppy have a PEN in its mouth? cuteness factor=exploded. d'awww.

  4. phil  

    hold on, the more important question is why tania (if that is her with the dog) is still always in butler. didn't she graduate last semester?

  5. unrelated  

    matt hamilton senior wisdom? that guy is pretty wise and good at giving advice

  6. Anonymous  

    puppies are allowed in butler!??!

  7. Anonymous  

    in olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking, but now god knows anything goes.

    Anything Goes on Broadway
    Starring Tony Award winners Sutton Foster and Joel Grey

    in other news, a dog?

  8. Anonymous  

    reeelax...if the puppy's not making noise leave him alone....he's cute :)

    • Butler202

      Dunno if dogs are officially allowed or not allowed but the security guard came in and chatted with her... Seemed to be a friendly chat and he patted the dog and left... So... Come next finals I'm definitely bringing my puppy to the fishbowl!

  9. Anonymous

    Wait a second...Canine cognition was finished weeks ago....nice try bwog.

  10. OMG

    IT'S ASIAN ELLE WOODS!!!!!!!! I'm so excited! This is mayjah!!

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