Overheards: Wrapping Things Up

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Truly a deplorable will be missed

Things are starting to really wind down, and people start saying things that they would have otherwise probably kept to themselves.

After responding to a fire alarm in McBain, a firefighter gets in a firetruck and announces over the loudspeaker:
“It’s disgusting in there. I hope you guys aren’t going to leave that place like this.”

Outside HamDel, in the wee hours of the morning:
“If anyone asks, the 99 out of 100 was on my organic chemistry exam.”

Uris Pool, where a gaggle of seniors attempt to finish their swim tests:
Girl 1: Does Barnard have to take a swim test–
Girl 2: I don’t know.
Girl 1: –Or do they just let them drown?

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  1. Anonymous

    haha Bitch...but still funny.

  2. Barnard Swim Test

    It's actually in Washington DC in a rural area. If you need to take the swim test, come to my bathtub.

    I don't bite.


    1) a barnard girl
    2) a tight asian virgin girl
    3) cause a black girl to get angry and yell at you, giving you an excuse to yell back at her, creating a 30 minute shit-talk. great for stress relief!
    4) order $500 chinese food delivery, ask to pay in cash, give address of someone not you.
    5) graduate.

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