Masterpieces of Underground Art

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While you were still cramming for that last final (or perhaps drinking the memory of it into oblivion), one of your talented peers was off spray-painting walls underground. Perhaps inspired by our own Mark Hay’s forays into the tunnels earlier this semester, Columbian artist and “bandit belle” Angelique Chandy decided to try her hand at tagging, and made a pretty nifty video recording of her attempt. The result is really quite spectacular, check it out yourself:

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  1. What's a

    graffiti artist's favorite schoolyard game?


  2. wth

    if she can spray point the columbia tunnels, its only fair for me to spray paint butler library

  3. Anonymous

    hey bwog, you should probably remove the artists name...

  4. Anonymous

    That's vandalism hoe!

  5. Incredible

    It was so cool to watch her progress. I was amazed when she sprayed on the white paint, and the figure turned from a silhouette to a realistic portrait! You go, girl!

  6. Anonymous

    wow, this is really amazing. I can't wait to find these in the tunnels.

  7. ok


  8. I thought  

    the point was anonymous art. I don't want to exit through your gift shop.

  9. Disgusting Person Who

    I would like to spray her tunnel of love.

  10. SpringsteenLove69

    I would like to spray her tunnel of love

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