Party Poopers

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A tipster sent along this photo of what appears to be a pretty big rager in IAB by the Class of 2011:

While it seemed like all fun and games, shortly after, the party (technically not supposed to be there, or whatever) got broken up by a dozen or so Public Safety officers, the fire alarm got pulled, and the NYPD have now been called. In the words of a tipster, “drunken shitshow.”

Apparently, the War on Fun doesn’t stop for degrees. Here’s to ya, 2011!

Update: Baby-faced grads pouring out of IAB. And apparently they didn’t go down without a fight first: during the process, Public Safety was met with some resistance, and partiers began spontaneously singing the national anthem. Bwog is just tickled at this point.

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  1. CC '11  

    I seem to be the only person not getting the emails about tonight's events.



  3. Anonymous  

    In. Sane.

  4. CC'11  

    We won the war on fun

  5. concerned anon  

    can the 2 people who organized it please let us know somehow that they are ok and safe (from disciplinary harm)? i'm running around packing but i am worried!

  6. phil

    tite party, hella sweaty

  7. Knowledgeable Insider  

    The US anthem was started by a student who was neither a senior nor American.

  8. do they

    do they really?

    because i'm pretty sure your disciplinary record doesn't actually exist, and wouldn't be public record anyway.

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