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Not content to go quietly, the Class of 2011 had an unofficial post-graduation rager last night. The party started as a flash mob on IAB 15, but Public Safety soon stopped by for old time’s sake. During their attempt to kick students out of IAB, tipsters tell us it was a pretty rowdy time:

  • A few girls got on top of tables, took off their shirts, and started downing 40s and bottles of wine
  • People started singing the national anthem, interwoven with chants of “USA! USA!”
  • “Roar, Lion, Roar” was not unexpectedly sung countless times

But alas, Public Safety and NYPD eventually got everyone out of the building, and the party subsequently bounced to the EC Courtyard, then Low Plaza, after which people just gave up trying to control the mass. A few graduates dramatically tweeted their last hurrah; highlights are below (yes, all the #swag ones came from the same person):

  • Final battle of the War on Fun: Columbia seniors vs. NYPD in front of Alma Mater. #epic
  • Columbia seniors just won the war on fun with a flashmob on the 15th floor of SIPA. #seniorswin #2011
  • 15th floor of sipa #swag
  • So many bros #swag
  • #swag
  • Actually this party is pretty cool #swag
  • Low plaza is pretty chill¬†#swag

Photo tipped by Jason Donenfeld

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  1. Anonymous

    this was so epic

  2. 2012

    we have to do something as good as this next year

  3. Anonymous

    its worth mentioning that this party lasted nearly 2 hours before PS managed to get their way. #SWAG

    • also

      it was raging for nearly an hour before a lone public safety officer discovered our true location, and he had to stand there while more people came in because his "back up" hadn't gotten there yet. When they did, it still took them another hour to get control of the situation (what? yes, even he was there) and reclaim SIPA

  4. Anonymous

    OMG BWOG I'M SO BORED I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF!! Can you please assign me a problem set??

  5. psh

    This shit happens at the business school every Thursday.

  6. Love the title

    A subtle jab at Dean Moody-Adams and her anti-Twitter sentiment? Good stuff.

  7. evan

    phil's tweets during class day were better #swag

  8. Anonymous

    A truly epic evening. We're definitely winning the war on fun.

    Damn NYPD. When I started to bicker with them about hanging out on the steps, they said, "Do you really want to spend your last night of college in jail?"

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