1. Stalker  

    Hahaha read the end of the first conservation, Brett on Sophia. Looks like Robert got some that night!

    "Brett on Sophia: She’s nice, kind of artsy, interesting. But I think I saw her making out later with the tall guy [Robert, page three]. He was strange."

  2. CC 14

    hah, I always knew Robert was a badass, but never THAT awesome

  3. Fool

    Here I was, thinking Neutral Milk Hotel was made up by Parks and Rec. Know your boo!

  4. Rob

    is the coolest and nicest guy ever. Not a creep at all.

  5. gordon freeman

    surely I can't be the only one that ever thought that

  6. Anonymous

    Is it inapprops that I wanna jump on this guy every time I see him? He's got some swagger.

  7. Anonymous

    This man is the most amazing guy on this campus. He just augments JJ's awesomeness.

  8. Jaan Jay

    He's a meanie!

  9. ?!

    ...did anyone else notice his right hand? HE'S TOUCHING HER

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