Columbia Libraries are providing you with some hearty snacks from 10 to midnight in Butler Café. Their blog post proclaims “Starbucks Coffee & Bagels” But we know what you’re thinking: where are they sourcing these bagels? BlueJava (wherever that is)? Absolute? Nussbaum? Acme? Were they baked more than two hours ago? In this crazy town, these questions are the ones that truly matter.

Say thank you to your librarians, because they are so nice! They helped you with that UWriting paper that one time, and now they’re listening to you bitch and giving you food.

Update: They also have bananas, candy, and board games!

Update: They’re from Westside.

Update 3: A bunch of flash mobs went through Butler tonight! Check out the one from 209 below, and we got video of another one in Ref. 209 denizens, you seem so happy in the video… We hope it lasts ya!

Video credit goes to Heidi Ahmed