Bwog feels a tinge of resentment towards these accomplished ladies for making us feel like such couch potatoes, but only couched in the warmest of feelings.

Congratulations to Kaley Hanenkrat and Elizabeth Reynolds, BC ’11, the most recent (as-of-today) BC alums, to be awarded Fulbright grants. Julia Philips, BC’10 and Britain Hopkins, BC ’09, also received grants.

Elizabeth will be working on a project in China, looking at how the commercialization of thangkas (Tibetan silk paintings) has influenced Tibetan cultural identity in China. The Asian and Middle Eastern cultures major she plans to pursue a doctorate in East Asian Studies after completing her Fulbright project.

Before joining the Peace Corps and working towards a PhD in political science, Kaley will spend her Fulbright year studying post-Orange Revolution activism in Ukraine.

We’ll be posting names of Columbia recipients when they’re released!

Lovespud via Wikimedia