Bwog just loves a good assortment.

Bwog’s favorite Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz tells America like it is. His advice? Listen to the IMF. (Slate)

The J-School recently awarded Al Jazeera English with the Columbia Journalism Award for “singular journalism in the public interest.” Bestowed in light of Al Jazeera English’s recent coverage of the 2011 revolutions in the Middle East, this is the school’s highest honor. (Columbia Journalism School)

Grant’s Tomb (you know, that cool historical place you always say you’ll visit on a sunny day, but never do) just gave you another reason to trek up to 122nd St—they just added a visitors’ center! We think you should head up there on a study break. Fresh air—it’s better than Facebook!

Given recent debate on American responses to Osama Bin Laden’s death, it should come as no surprise that 50 Cent protégé  Hot Rod wanted to join in on the fun. The title of his newest club track? “Osama Bin Laden is Dead.” (Salon, NYT, Gothamist)

School lunches today are getting way fancier than the tater tots and chicken nuggets of Bwog’s day. Rutabaga fries? Grass-fed beef? New York prep schools have got ’em. (NYT)