It will be nearly two decades before they take their last undergraduate final exams. Worth it?

The Times takes a look at the reaction to bin Laden’s death on college campuses across the country, inquiring into “Millennial” generation identities along the way.

Jon Lee Anderson compares bin Laden’s secretive killing and burial to those of another charismatic enemy of the state, Che Guevara. (New Yorker)

Finals are making you miserable and ambivalent about college. What better time to ask the question, “is a degree worth anything?” (NY Mag)

Mayor Bloomberg announced the winner in the competition to design New York City’s next generation taxi. The boxy Nissan may not be pretty, but it will have a charging station for your phone. (BBC)

Violet, Hawkma’s downtown cousin, shouldn’t expect her eggs to hatch. If red-tailed hawk eggs don’t hatch within 35 days of the start of incubation, they aren’t going to—today is day 37. (City Room)

Pre-School Graduation via Wikimedia Commons