Biggest news of the week?

The end of Girl Scout cookie season always comes too soon. This is your last week to stock up Samoas. (Village Voice)

It’s also Bird Week! Naturally, elegant photos of our avian affiliates flood the NYC blogosphere. Keep a lookout for our own nearest and dearest. (City Room)

Is PR beating out newsrooms? This is one of ProPublica’s best stories of the week, which they kindly shared with Columbia Journalism Review. (ProPublica, CJR).

Best thing this Grenadian immigrant’s heard all week is that he’s actually been a citizen for ten years. (NYDaily News)

This week in assassinations: how Obama kept the bin Laden operation secret. PrezOb is planning on visiting Ground Zero on Thursday. (Slate, Daily Intel)

Prince Charles is planning on meeting with Obama in Washington today. Any chance the world will be over the Royal Wedding by the end of the week? Unfortunately, probably not. (CNN, The Daily Beast)

The launch of the space shuttle Endeavour has been pushed to next week, at the earliest. (PC)

In Bwog’s opinion, the second best Girl Scout cookie via Wikimedia