The Government, circa 1862

In addition to telling you who are the best writers and journalists of every shape and size in the world, the J-School is now going to turn a critical eye to the workings of the American government. Columbia Journalism School announced yesterday the creation of The New York World, a publication that will “provide New York City citizens with accountability journalism about government operations that affect their lives.”

Accountability journalism is a set of journalistic practices set forth by former Washington bureau chief of AP, Ron Fournier. These disregard some of the fundamental tenets of journalistic ethics, such as commitment to evenly report on all sides of an issue, and instead call for reporters to write what they believe to be the truth behind, say, a politician’s statement, presenting a nuanced opinion instead of taking it at face value.

New York World will be a website that allows citizens to see, among other things, how tax dollars are spent and how services are allotted in the city; it also promises to be a news service for local news agencies, providing them with city data and other information.

The publication is currently hiring recent J-School grads to work alongside faculty and current students on the project. Bwog, although not above scoffing at journalism “students,” can’t help but wonder what sort of interning opportunities might arise. Undergrads need jobs too!

Bureaucracy from Wikimedia Commons