CC 2014’ers and 2013’ers are about to sit down for a taxing, excruciating three hours, in which they expound on the entire history of Western thought. Lit Hum and CC finals are happening today, which explains the flurry of flustered kids heading to Hamilton at 12:30. Bwog wishes you the best of luck, and gently reminds you to bring an extra pen/pencil. ‘Cause you never know…

Y’all should reacquaint themselves with our most recent study guide, and sophomores, here’s all you need to know:

A new addition to the video collection! Rami Levi, CC’12, of Mike’s Hard Lemonade fame, has created a lovely stop-frame homage to the trials of CC cramming.

Also, CC’13er Eli Grober shares his late-night Lit Hum study guide in song.