This elephant knows what's up.

So you’ve finished your finals already…

YOU STILL NEED TO PACK. And no matter how many organic chemistry reactions memorized and 10-page papers you’ve BS’d, packing never gets any easier. Seriously! You’re hungover, you’ve got a ton of random shit that isn’t worth storing but not worth taking home either, you forgot to clean out your fridge, and something’s definitely gone moldy…it’s rough.

The solution? JUST GIVE YOUR STUFF AWAY! Hosted by your lovely CU EcoReps, Give and Go Green 2011 is in full swing and will take pretty much anything that’s in your room. They’ll be stationed at Wien Gate from 12-5 pm TODAY and tomorrow. Cart up your unwanted goods (the bookstore is only going to give you $7 for that textbook, anyway!) and head over to Wien. You’ll be glad you did.

Recycling “Bin” via Wikimedia Commons