Columbia Five Offered Plea Bargain, Declined It

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According to Bloomberg, the ADA offered each of the students arrested in the December drug bust plea bargains, and each of the students turned them down. David rejected an offer of one year in prison, the other four rejected offers for five years probation. The defense attorneys sought to divert their cases to treatment, rather than enter a guilty plea. The prosecutor rejected that request.

Bwog was on the scene, and will post a full summary shortly.

Update, 3:47 pm: Our full summary of the court appearance is up! Peruse it.

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  1. Columbia Five  

    "Bitch, pleas!"

  2. Columbia Five

    You mean the boy band?

    • Columbia Five

      On a serious note, I do feel bad for these guys. But turning down a plea bargain, especially for probation, seems pretty damn dumb to me. Probation seems to me infinitely better than even the possibility of being a random kid from Columbia (who's been all over the news) in prison. I hope they/their lawyers know what they're doing.

  3. You'll see!

    They're smart lads! I'm sure they know what they're doing! Stayed tuned for a badass prison break or something. Nomsayin!?

  4. well

    arent the cops involved wonky in the first place? the whole thing seems wholly out of scale like they are trying to pin these guys but there's definitely something much bigger going on--and im sure these boys' lawyers will get at it.

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