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Manhattanville’s first installment, the Mind, Brain and Behavior Initiative, is rolling full steam ahead, and they’ve put together this new and exciting video to tell you about it. The building itself will be called the Jerome L. Greene Science Center, and it’s supposed to be done by 2015, by which time there should also be a new Business School and School of the Arts, and a new building for the Columbia Secondary School, a public high school for math, science and engineering. All 6.8 million shiny square feet of the Manhattanville campus should be completed by 2030.

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  1. Anonymous

    Can we bulldoze Uris and replace it with a garden or something, you know, when the business school gets that new building? kthx

  2. AHamdi5

    "6.8 shiny square feet" ... awfully small campus

  3. Anonymous

    "the Manhattanville campus should are supposed be completed" ?

    you're slackin' bwoggie

  4. Anonymous

    ground breaking was in october of 2010? wow. how come no one ever talked about this?

  5. Wow

    This is kind of exciting.

  6. Typical Columbia Neuro/Psych Undergrad  

    Anyone else jizz their pants at 0:15?

  7. Anonymous

    Around 1:15 - "It's like, you walk onto the campus of Morningside Heights: you feel smarter, you are smarter" - PrezBo

    Gosh, don't you wish it worked that way?

  8. Anonymous

    Jerome L. Greene? again? I understand it's the same donor but must his name be on everything?

  9. this sentence is great

    "...One of the benefits of the deep basement is to be able to take some functions that would have otherwise been on the ground, or on some upper stories of the building, and to move them below grade."

    Well, yes. That is the point of a basement, no?

  10. ...  

    good lord. what the hell happened to bollinger's neck? he looks like a turtle! that man needs a chiropractor or something...

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