Hawkma Returns

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Like the magnificent phoenix, Hawkmadinejad has risen from the ashes and returned to Columbia. While Bwog’s crack team of orithonologists cannot confirm whether these two photos are of the same hawk, both birds sport a large white patch on the upper chest. Hawkma is probably just back to scope out the incoming crop of freshpeople.

Two days ago Sharon Tobias wrote:

Fire escape above Duane Reade on 108 & Amsterdam


Yesterday a tipster reported:

Two Hawks were flying around campus today, about 9 AM right on college walk


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  1. Bollinger

    Help will always be given at Columbia to those who ask for it.

    Except for financial aid. Good luck there.

  2. The first

    picture is everything I don't like about Columbia. The second is everything I do like.

  3. besides  

    hawkma is more of an idea than a specific bird

  4. Anonymous

    pic # 2 - Nice camera!!

  5. The Book of Hawkma

    ". . . and it was said, that on the third day Hawkma would be raised from the dead and returned to His rightful throne in the skies from which He has fallen."

    - Bollinger 8:23-24

  6. Nerd

    Looks like more Hawkma babies to me!

  7. buzzkill

    None of these are actually hawks in the scientific sense, since there aren't any in North America, but I guess peregrinefalconemadinajad has less of a ring to it, so carry on.

  8. Fawkma!

    But does that make the unfortunate avian from last week fauxkma?

  9. asian guy dating hot white babe


    "2 hawks"??

    they came back to get their gay marriage.

  10. Anonymous

    Hawkma has died, and Hawkma is risen, and Hawkma will come again!

  11. Anonymous

    wtf are freshpeople?

  12. Anonymous

    Probably you, since you can't figure that one out...

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