Friends With $50 Million Benefits

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Soros and Ferreyr, pre-suit

George Soros, né Schwartz György, is being sued by a Columbia student. Adriana Ferreyr, a former Brazilian soap star and 28-year-old GS student, is after Soros for $50 million because he did not deliver on his promise of buying her an apartment worth $1.9 million — that’s what they teach you in Econ.

After their breakup in 2010, the “frisky octogenarian” (New York Post) subsequently ended up in bed with Adriana, only to tell her, post-coitus, that he’d given the apartment to his new girlfriend. Ms. Ferreyr claims to have been subjected to “a malicious campaign of extreme and outrageous harassment and intimidation”, and “emotional distress, battery and fraud.” (BBC) She says Soros attacked her after she reacted badly to his confession of bestowing the apartment on another. She just wants (more than 25 times) what she was promised. After all, it’s “only 1/7000” of his wealth! (Daily Mail)

Although Ferreyr is listed as a student of Columbia’s Economics department, the New York Times reports that her lawyer said she is studying philosophy. No word yet on how this could affect the case.

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  1. Anonymous

    this is why this country needs fewer lawyers. take heed all u pre-law students...

  2. WHOO


  3. I ain't sayin'

    She a golddigger. But like, she was messing with George Soros...

  4. Dangling Modifier  

    "Despite being listed as a student of Columbia’s Economics department, the New York Times reports"
    Our major metropolitan newspaper goes to Columbia, guyz!

  5. OMG  

    I've heard that student's hot... OFF THE PRESSES!

  6. CC '13

    We should seriously petition to remove such BS schools such as GS and Continuing Education from the large umbrella of Columbia University. Seriously. I cannot stand GS scums bein' like "OH I GO TO COLUMBIA :)" WOW.

    • gs '12

      tell me that to my face next time you realize that i am clearly smarter and more articulate (as well as more appropriate) than you are in a seminar.

    • CC ’12  

      Oh shut up. For one thing, CC had never been the crown jewel of Columbia. The university's famous because of its graduate and professional schools; CC's only gained prominence in the last 10 or 15 years, as undergraduate admissions has become so competitive it's now a status symbol.

      More importantly, GS is much closer to CC and SEAS than Continuing Ed. Continuing Ed is an umbrella that lets non-Columbia students (whether they're in high school, go to another university, or want to go back to school later in life) take individual Columbia courses or pursue certification in the kinds of non-liberal-arts majors usually associated with community college—things like actuarial science and sports management.

      GS students are full-time students who take the exact same course load as students in CC and SEAS. On average, they're older than CC students, have far more interesting life experiences, and have higher GPAs. But please, continue to feel superior because you went to a better high school and got a higher SAT score.

      • me

        >But please, continue to feel superior because you went to a better high school and got a higher SAT score.

        Sounds good to me.

      • Ok

        Who has the higher GPAs? I would like to see a chart with info on course load and GPA between SEAS CC and GS. Of course the powers that be would never publish such a chart, so you are pulling numbers out of your ass. Or maybe I am mistaken. Prove me wrong.

        • CC'13


          grow up everybody, at the end of the day we all go here. this inter-school bitching is childish nonsense. none of it matters at all.

        • Anonymous  

          My recollection from a previous bwog comment clusterfuck is that it's about the same. GS was trending to slightly beat CC somewhere in the 2011-2013 range, but who knows if that will continue.

    • Anonymous

      why can't you stand them. GS Students do go to Columbia. If you have a problem with that, take it up with the administration or better yet, transfer out of here.

    • TROLL!!!!!!

      IN THE DUNGEON!!!!!!.....thought you ought to know.

    • uhm you forgo

      barnard, other than that i agree

    • BS schools as GS?

      PS, your grammar sucks bull peen es.
      You sell crack to cops and drive a Prius.
      You call us "scums" like a member of the bourgeosie class,
      while riding round with your chums, Kip and Peter Rass.

    • GS '14  

      My SAT scores were all above the Columbia median; my extracurriculars were all top-notch; but because I wasn't as well-heeled as you I couldn't go straight to college after HS. I'm going to go to Columbia and be as loud as I want.

      Also, a 28-year-old Brazilian supermodel dating George Soros? GS students are far more interesting, even more worthwhile, than you elitist fucks.

    • Van Owen

      I admire Barnard women (what up ladies?) more than I do any CC fuck (specifically you cocksucker), but you're entitled to your opinion so go fuck yourself, loser. I have tons of GS friends and none of them ever got busted selling weed to undercover cops, business skills. Major props for sleeping with the old man, but now it's time to hook up with Van Owen, holla.

  7. CC'11

    "CC’s only gained prominence in the last 10 or 15 years, as undergraduate admissions has become so competitive it’s now a status symbol."


  8. Anonymous

    she's not hot. and she's annoying as fuck. which explains why she went all soon yi on soros, instead of finding someone her own age.

  9. punner

    I hope George isn't SORE over this!

  10. CC '13  

    Can anyone confirm if this lady was in History of Philosophy II in Spring 2010? I have no stake in the answer, but happened to see a full-length photo on the cover of the Post and now just had my mind blown by this article. Thx y'all.

  11. lulz

    The only thing believable is "emotional distress," since she had sex with a guy around her grandpa's age. Gross.

  12. Anonymous

    Probably. I know she was in Symbolic Logic and Aristotle in Fall 0f 2010.

  13. Anonymous

    lol almost everything on Bwog ends up to be a battle of the undergraduate schools/colleges

  14. confusted

    is that CE for cont. ed or col. eng? because they are the same acronym. please identify yourself so we can choose to heckle or see if you can answer my math problems.

  15. Anonymous

    lol and with Cont. Ed too

  16. GS '11  

    I love Professor Mercer, but I just happened to take her in Art Hum this last summer session--I don't know how she is when she's in her Philosophy element. But she is so cool.

    I also find this student REALLY annoying (but to be fair, I don't know her on a personal level, she could be a lovely human being), so picturing Professor Mercer shutting her down, for me, is just... tops.

  17. Anonymous  

    Also, undergrads all need to stop hating on each other. We're all here. Some of us deserve to be, and some of us don't--but we're all here, and the smart and the less smart will distinguish themselves appropriately once they try to speak up in class, and I'm sure the occurrence of \less smart\ happens frequently in all undergrad schools.

  18. Anonymous

    bad publicity is good publicity

  19. Anonymous

    After reading these comments, the frivolity of this lawsuit doesn't even compete with you

  20. Hannah

    Since when does Bwog single out and publish sensationalist articles about individual Columbia students? And then suspend your policy about not deleting personal comments like that second one about her appearance)? She could be suing for ten times as much, but that doesn't make this Bwog page look any less like cyberbullying. Have a little class.

  21. Twitch

    She was in my Financial Econ class and she's got to be the stupidest person I've ever met. The class had to turn around to her twice and explain basic concepts that she could not seem to get.

    On the other hand, GS does tend to take students that are more "interesting" than intellectual or academic. GS students should be required to meet the same intellectual standards for acceptance as CC students are if they're going to have a degree that they can feasibly pass off as the same.

  22. Still Twitch

    I mean the ENTIRE class had to take twenty minute spans, twice, as everyone in the class tried to explain truly basic financial concepts that no one else had a problem with, and she couldn't get even after being spoonfed . We had to stop the class for her.

  23. Twitch

    Also, she's suing a holocaust survivor for money. Just sayin.

  24. Billy Dee

    Dope rhymes, yo!

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