Soros and Ferreyr, pre-suit

George Soros, né Schwartz György, is being sued by a Columbia student. Adriana Ferreyr, a former Brazilian soap star and 28-year-old GS student, is after Soros for $50 million because he did not deliver on his promise of buying her an apartment worth $1.9 million — that’s what they teach you in Econ.

After their breakup in 2010, the “frisky octogenarian” (New York Post) subsequently ended up in bed with Adriana, only to tell her, post-coitus, that he’d given the apartment to his new girlfriend. Ms. Ferreyr claims to have been subjected to “a malicious campaign of extreme and outrageous harassment and intimidation”, and “emotional distress, battery and fraud.” (BBC) She says Soros attacked her after she reacted badly to his confession of bestowing the apartment on another. She just wants (more than 25 times) what she was promised. After all, it’s “only 1/7000” of his wealth! (Daily Mail)

Although Ferreyr is listed as a student of Columbia’s Economics department, the New York Times reports that her lawyer said she is studying philosophy. No word yet on how this could affect the case.

Image via mediaite