Arrest Outside John Jay

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Bwog received tips that a few moments ago, there was an arrest outside of John Jay residence hall. A man was reportedly tackled by a plainclothes cop, and subsequently more NYPD and Public Safety officers came to help with the situation. Before the apprehension, an officer shouted at a CU student, “Stop that man!” Apparently multiple bystanders chased the man, who was later handcuffed and led away. Public Safety had no comment for Bwog. No word on whether this is related to the earlier purse snatching incident, but we’ll give updates as we receive them.

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  1. eyewitness

    no that was bollinger chasing down a fleeing moody-adams.

  2. Anonymous

    JAMES BENNETT II IS THE HEROIC CU STUDENT! buy him a 40 of dat OE brew to say thanks, he likes em

  3. Anonymous

    James Bennett II is the face of justice.

  4. Concerned bitizen

    Good thing the perp will know who got him caught for when he gets released....good going guys.

  5. Public Safety at work

    "Before the apprehension, an officer shouted at a CU student, 'Stop that man!'"

  6. JBII

    gave the burglar the bodycheck.

  7. Anonymous  

    jbII smashes mics like cornbread
    you couldn't kill him, he was born dead

  8. Van Owen

    Was the perp Harrison David?

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