COÖP Is Here!

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The newest freshpersons have arrived on campus! Look at them luxuriating in the shade of this Convocation tent and probably preparing to sing Roar, Lion, Roar and eat only hummus for four days.

They head out to the woods tomorrow to make the best friends anyone on has ever had in the history of the world. Godspeed!

Thanks to Conor Skelding and Mahima Chablani for the pictures

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey to everyone still at home. Hate packing

  2. alum ROP leader

    This just made me so nostalgic. Love you COOP

  3. yay

    coop cords! especially sarah dion and maddy cohen. love from KC <3

  4. bambam

    nathaniel in a sailor's cap looking freshhhh

  5. Irene?

    Any change in plans due to Irene?

  6. CC'11

    Oh wow I miss this...

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