Presenting Inclement Weather Update #5

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Inclement Weather Update #5 has just been released, and the whole city is abuzz!

Here’s what Student Affairs has to say to a presumably rather confused Class of 2015 this morning: don’t bother coming to college until the hurricane ends. The NSOP schedule hasn’t even been released yet (so when are we going to find out what Taking Root, Branching Out actually means?!) and NSOP week seems pretty up in the air at this point. The update says that international students, athletes, and COOP and CUE freshmen will all be safely back on campus by the time the hurricane hits Sunday morning.

Read  the full update here.

We’re enjoying the image of 1,500 eager freshpeople taking a water taxi to Governor’s Island in a Category 3 hurricane for their big NSOP night out .

Ladies and gentlemen, your new NSOP theme: The Day After Tomorrow.

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  1. Alternate theme

    1020 Leagues under the sea



  3. lol

    Dean Moody-Adams...oh those were the days.

  4. cc11

    you know what this means? this means that coop people are going to be cooped (excuse pun) together "bonding" during this hurricane while non-coop folks are still at home with their parents. thus exaggerating the already ridiculous coop vs. non-coop social division that permeates every single aspect of columbia culture beginning with week -1 of college and ending only with commencement.

    you know what? fuck coop. there, i said it. for a program that's designed to bring people together and solder ties, all it really does is set up an insider/outsider (read: cool/not cool) dynamic that ironically mocks the whole program's original intent. coop should be done away with once and for all, amirite?

    note: i expect comments to run about 3-1 against me on this but FUCK YALL HATERS

    • Erm

      Don't listen to this hyperdramatic, friendless loser. It's plenty possible to be "cool" on campus or even form healthy college relationships, even if you didn't go hiking with other 17 year olds the week before freshman year.

    • Really?

      Sounds like you're just jealous you didn't go on COOP...

      I get that there is a difference the first week of orientation when people have been together slightly longer and already started forming friendships. I'm sorry if your freshman roommate already had a few friends on campus by the time you got there. It's your fault if that kept you from forming bonds of your own with COOPers and non-COOPers alike. I think you're overstating things quite a bit when you say this division lasts through commencement. Throughout college you will/should form all sorts of groups of friends... some from where you live, some from classes, some from extra curriculars and sure, maybe your best friends will be from your NSOP or COOP group... but honestly, the likelihood of that is pretty low.

      note: Nice way to preemptively dismiss anything someone might say against you. I'm not a "HATER," just a rational alum who had a positive though not personality defining time on her COOP trip.

  5. c11 (the op)

    didn't say it wasn't possible to make friends if you didn't do coop, and didn't say i didn't form my own bonds. DID SAY that a program designed to bring people together should not carry the practical effect of splitting them apart.

    and, yes, i sure as fuck am jealous i didn't do coop. if someone had told me it would be the element linking ~75% of the cool kids at columbia per class, i would've done it.

    i guess i'm trying to say that you guys didn't respond to my original point, which is that coop is an instrument of division during NSOP, which is, in turn, the week when a lot of cliques are formed. it is not--nor did i say it was--a prohibitive factor blocking friendships, but why the administration would want to construct ANY sort of division, prohibitive or not, is beyond me.

    why not do coop over spring break or some shit? everyone starts on an equal playing field during nsop, and you can do your outdoor crunchy miscellany then.

  6. what?

    all the coop people are nerdy environmentalist tools...this just sounds like someones trying to justify doing some lame program...thumb me down if you're an insecure cooper

  7. Really? (again)

    Here's the thing... I did get your point... and I still think it's pretty week even after your second explanation.

    No matter what you do, people are going to form groups as soon as they set foot on campus. John Jay/Carmen, SEAS/CC, Athletes/non-Athletes... thinking that just because people are kept from meeting each other until the en-mass forced group bonding of NSOP is going to mean that an \equal playing field\ leads to everyone holding hands and singing kumbaya all the way until commencement is pretty naive. I think you may be overplaying the \divisional\ role that COOP plays due to some particular poor experience you had... but I don't think your experience is demonstrative of the norm.

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