Waking Up With Bwog #2

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"They are pulling on the gates at 7:30 when we open at 8. They ask, ‘What am I going to do without my cah-fee?’ I say, ‘What am I going to do without my wine?’”

It’s another beautiful day. Be fruitful and multiply your knowledge with Bwog.

First, a warm cup ‘o senior wisdom, courtesy of Ian Kwok, CC’11:

Columbia is a university where it’s really up to you to make what you want of it. So have some fun with it! Sure, grades are important, but in the end, that last 2% isn’t going to change how successful you’ll be in the long run. I mean, studies show that it’s just as important to be good-looking, so if success is what’s important to you, why not switch some of that tuition money over to get some quality plastic surgery?

Anyways, I kid, but seriously, enjoy yourself! Seriously enjoy yourself. Enjoy your serious self. You’ve got the rest of your lives to worry about your career. As a pre-med, I can assure you that you can have fun and still get into a good med school (I’ve only been to Butler a handful of times, and usually to rent a movie or play Sardines). And if you feel like you’ve got too much on your plate, just give some to me. I’ll take your leftovers, any day. So take it easy, eh? All you need is love!

Get to know Columbia’s unsung heroes, the friendly faces you’ll see everyday:

Bwogline of the day:

Earlier this summer, the New Yorker published a meaty profile of Facebook COO and Barnard graduation speaker Sheryl Sandberg  Former SGA president Lara Avsar was even quoted. A memorable excerpt:

Of all the seniors who paused onstage, the one Sandberg recalled most vividly was the graduate who said, “You’re the baddest bitch.” Sandberg added, “I hope she meant it as a compliment. She gave me a big hug.”

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  1. ok for real  

    Pascale, Kia, Raj, and Charlie absolutely make life at Columbia worth living. Froshlings - get to know these people asap!

  2. the hugger

    would be nimra azmi.
    fuckin awwesomeee

  3. yooo

    sup Ian? how's your summer?

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